DreamPod USA School for Float Entrepreneurs

Have you Dreamed of owning your own cutting edge business, one that people will come from miles away and pay many times over to use what you have to offer? The Float Industry around the world is exploding and it is in its infancy. It is a business with the right knowledge that can offer you a career, cash flow and satisfaction knowing how you are truly helping people with their everyday lives!

Knowledge is everything! Salt can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy! In this business, it pays to have an edge in knowledge before you ever start to build your business! DreamPod USA takes you to school to learn about the customer, the builder, the owner and the maintenance personal! At the school, you will learn everything you will need to go into your business with confidence and excitement to open your own center. Our School is located in the Rocky Mountains and you will be trained in a 5-star operating Float spa, we use the finest float pods on the market “The DreamPod” and we teach you everything you need to operate and maintain your float pod and the water inside of the unit.

Believe me when I tell you if it was easy, we would all have a center up and running! We will save you thousands of dollars in time and materials for sharing our experiences of building our own center here at the school, yes, we made many costly mistakes that we can help you prevent! We are happy to be in this industry and we are so passionate about how the “Float” helps everyone who gets in one with the many different situation’s that bring people through your door!

Do you have a dream that involves helping people thru some of the hardest times in their lives and watch how you can help change their lives in a positive way? A float center is one of the greatest places to see all aspects of human emotions! Let us help you prepare for this journey, everything you learn will help you start your center and build it with confidence!

For More information call 435-882-1339 or send an email to james@dream-pod.com or mike@dream-pod .com not only will you have a great time but you will learn everything you need to be successful.