When one thinks of Tooele there is certain amenities and things you can do that come to mind. There is plenty of places to go to ride a 4 wheeler or take your snow mobile if you’re in to the outdoors. If you like fast food and a variety of it you may have just stepped in to heaven! One thing if you’re not from around Tooele you would be very surprised to find out that we have our own deprivation tank and spa! That’s right, just a few months ago Jim Millman and his lovely wife opened Crystal Water Float spa on Vine Street in Tooele!

When you walk in you genuinely feel like you’ve arrived at an amazing spa! The lighting is set just right and Jim and his wife no how to make you feel at home. They give you the grand tour and then patiently explain all the benefits of floating and what to expect for the next 60 minutes. Ladies, if you have make up be sure to remove it prior to coming. You shower prior to and after the float- its so relaxing!

There are so many benefits to laying in a tank full of Epson salt. But first, let me warn you. The first time you do this the experience may seem very weird. First, you float on top of the water! With the salt content its like the old stories you’ve heard of your grandparents swimming in the Great Salt Lake and then telling you that you can never drown because of the salt content. Who believed that right? Well, when you step in to a deprivation tank you experience this first hand.

The next sensation you feel is around your bum. You may feel at first that you need some Preparation H, but it only lasts for a minute and its the salts way of welcoming you. After the first float you won’t feel this, but try to relax. Its best if you don’t try to control your thoughts, just relax and listen to the nice flowing tunes that come through the walls of the tank.

Don’t worry, many have fallen asleep during this process. If you do and are afraid you won’t wake up, there are 2 gentle signals they give you that usually work. First, if you chose not to have music 10 minutes prior to your float being done the music will come on. Secondly, once your hour hits the tank automatically will start to clean it self. This will be hard for you to ignore as you will feel and hear the water start to be cleaned around you.

The experience is capped by Jim and his wife sitting down with you over tea and home made cookies as they understand how the experience was for you! If you have yet to make your way out to one of only a handful of deprivation tanks in the Salt Lake Valley let me encourage you to come visit Crystal Water Float- they know how to make they experience very memorable for you!